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CLP$4000 par jour
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Consigne à bagages Musée Fonck

Consigne à bagages Musée Fonck

600 mètres du musée décoratif Arta Palais Rioja
800 mètres de Blue Padel
800 mètres du musée Fonck

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09:00 - 20:00
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Quartier Viña del Mar


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Heures d'ouverture

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Yes Valparaíso is a Unesco World Heritage Site! This beautiful city with hills by the sea has an exceptional character to it, which renders it unique and a great place to visit! The industrial meets the traditional here. The edges and differences between the architecture in the city make it mesmerizing.

Things to do

Walking around this city is one of the best ways to experience the city! Go along the beaches, climb up the hills, take the industrial elevators to high grounds & try out there old fashioned buses! Visit the Caleta Portales fishing district, see the markets and experience the local community! Don't forget the Fonck Museum, here are displayed archaeological finds from the Easter island as well as many other artefacts!