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Bagbnb is a local experience

Our Angels are bars and bistros who have been checked and approved by the BAGBNB team, waiting to welcome you all over the city.

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BAGBNB deposit points do not accept, in any case, the luggage of customers without online reservation.

A useful luggage storage service in Rotterdam

Visiting a new city is always an amazing opportunity and definitely life-changing. However, it’s hard to enjoy your trip when you have a heavy bag in your back. Can you imagine trying to walk around the beautiful streets of Rotterdam carrying it? BAGBNB can’t allow that! We have a useful and safe service where you can get rid of all your burdens and be free to explore every corner.

It can’t get better than this!

Traditional luggage storage services can be stressful! You have to wait a long time to drop-off your bags and it can be quite expensive since it’s an hourly rate. There is now a modern and convenient service and its’ name is BAGBNB! Believe it or not, check-in only takes 3 minutes and the check-out is immediate. And price? Don’t worry, unlike other services we have a fixed price. With only €5, you can enjoy a peaceful day with no bags!

Explore this artistic city

Rotterdam has a lot to offer but if you are an art lover, you may have found your ideal place! One of the biggest attractions of the city is the Market Hall. With its’ vibrant colors, this impressive mural is covered in illustrations of vegetables, fish and other food related subjects. If you prefer architecture, you can visit the Great St. Lawrence Church and explore the last trace of Medieval Times in Rotterdam. You can also find modern architecture such as the unique Cube Houses.

The Maritime Museum

Rotterdam has an important connection with water and there are plenty activities related to it. If you are interested in learning more about the naval history of Rotterdam, you can explore the Maritime Museum. It holds a diverse range of exhibitions and is suitable for all ages so it’s perfect for a family trip. If this sounds too boring, there is more! You can always book a fabulous cruise and explore the city in a refreshing way!