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Inconvenienced by Suspended Airport Service? Don’t Fret Just Yet 

With San Diego luggage storage services at the airport being temporarily suspended due to new TSA regulations, there is tremendous demand for an alternative. Left to fill the void are luggage storage networks, which utilize surplus space that local businesses have at their disposal. It is the latest addition to the sharing economy where innovative entrepreneurs fill a market void utilizing the latest technology.

 A More Effective Way To Store Luggage

Anyone who lives in the area knows that affordable storage is difficult to come by.  This is no longer the case, as new luggage storage in San Diego downtown has recently opened up near Santa Fe train station. At this site, customers are able to leave their valuables for just $6 a day, no matter the size of the bag. That’s about half as much as you would otherwise pay at the airport.

The Perfect Pairing

With so many places to go while traveling, it can be difficult to plan what comes first on the itinerary. Do you go to the rental car lot or the airport luggage drop-off first? Well, what if they were located in the same place? Businesses are finding that by stacking these services together, customers are more likely to stay customers. In fact, nearly three-fourths of all clients using luggage storage end up utilizing the venue’s other services. That’s welcome news for businesses looking for additional sources of revenue.

A Lasting Impact

It is easy to take for granted the opportunities that network-based San Diego luggage services have to offer. One can fathom the implications for the industry, and it leads us to ask: Could other travel services be shared in such a fashion?  It’s not hard to imagine a one-stop shop where newcomers to a city go to drop off luggage, purchase items needed for their stay, and get acquainted with the local culture. It’s an interesting prospect and could change the way we travel for years to come.