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Bagbnb is a local experience

Our Angels are bars and bistros who have been checked and approved by the BAGBNB team, waiting to welcome you all over the city.

Online booking

Online booking and payment is compulsory.
BAGBNB deposit points do not accept, in any case, the luggage of customers without online reservation.

Make the Most of Your Vacation With Split Luggage Storage

The way people travel is always changing, and you don't want to waste time finding a place to store your luggage. Split luggage storage is an innovative travel service designed for the freewheeling sojourner. You can store your baggage at a convenient location before exploring museums, restaurants and major tourist points. There's no need to find a hotel first and waste time; simply use split airport luggage storage to get the fun started as soon as your feet touch the ground from your airplane descent.

Easy Online Booking

Storage locations are typically found through a website where you can book a registration in minutes. They're clearly outlined so you can choose a place that's in an exciting neighborhood or tourist hub. Bistros, bars, restaurants, bike rentals and retail stores are just a few places where you can find split luggage storage so you won't have to lug heavy suitcases and backpacks to your destinations. In fact, you can an extremely reasonable fee online that is significantly more affordable than luggage storage in airports or train stations, and there are no size limitations on the type of luggage that's accepted.

Hundreds of Storage Places Worldwide

Whether you're traveling to the U.S. or Europe, there is a luggage storage place for you. All the top destinations in the world are represented apart from Split, Croatia, including New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Rome, Paris and more. Places are usually a short distance from an airport or transportation center.

Split luggage storage is a great way to eliminate the hassle that comes with carting heavy suitcases or backpacks so you can truly concentrate on the sights around you. The next time you find yourself in a foreign place, pinpointing a split airport luggage storage service in Split Port Hostel might be the key for a smooth journey.

Meet our Angels

The beauty of having a local community providing you with luggage storage services is that each is unique in their own way – do not be surprised if you find yourself entering a trendy boutique, an Irish pub or a grocery shop! This page is simply not enough to describe all the different local experiences that you can discover!