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3 Questions To Ask Before Booking Luggage Storage Services

When you’re on an Italian adventure in Venice and need somewhere to keep your bags, you want to use a luggage service you can trust. Ask the following questions prior to choosing a luggage storage service to make the storage process easy and smooth. They are especially important questions to ask when you need luggage storage in the Venice airport or luggage storage in the Venice train station, as space there can be limited.

Does the Size of the Luggage Affect the Price?

When you are traveling with large bags or boxes, it is best to find luggage storage in Venice that charges a flat rate. That way you don’t have to pay extra for larger pieces. It is easier to find luggage storage in many popular areas:

How are the Rates Assessed?

If the storage company charges you per hour, you can end up with a larger bill than you expected. Picking a service that allows you to store your luggage all day for a single price makes it simple for you to calculate the exact price you will pay.

Are There Size Limits on the Luggage?

Many storage places don’t accept bags that are too large or heavy. To save yourself time and money, make sure you choose luggage storage in Venice that doesn’t have a size limit.

Make your trip to Venice as convenient and enjoyable as possible by storing your baggage rather than hauling it around with you. To ensure you don’t come back to any surprises, ask these and any other questions you may have before leaving your bags with a luggage storage service. 

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Join our luggage storage local community, BAGBNB is the luggage storage 2.0 do not be surprised if you find yourself entering a souvenir shop, an Hotel or a graphic studio with free WIFI and espresso. This page is simply not enough to describe all the different local experiences that you can discover with BAGBNB in Venice!